Sellers Manufacturing Company was founded in Chicago in 1931 when new industries were looking for ways to take advantage of natural gas energy. Sellers pioneered gas-fired equipment such as boilers, burners, water heating equipment and bakery equipment.

1931. Revited construction, 1 HP boilers, manufactured gas, telegrams and 1920s automobiles were the standard when Kelly Sellers went into the gas fired boiler business.

As the U.S. prepared for war in the early 1940s, the government drafted Sellers Manufacturing ´┐╝expertise. Over 10,000 large volume water heaters were produced in record time by Sellers for Army installations throughout the United States. Many of these installations are still being used today.

In 1947, as pipelines spread natural gas throughout the south, the company moved to its present home in Danville, Kentucky. Here it has brought to an art form the design and construction of large volume water heaters, gas and oil boilers, boiler feed systems and deaerators.

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Today. Automatic welding, natural gas pipelines, telephones and computers have drastically changed the boiler business but people really do not change. It still takes craftsmanship and pride to build a good boiler. In the future, as now, Sellers will still depend on the right people with special talents to provide quality products.

In 2008, Sellers Engineering was acquired by Green Boiler Technology and in March 2014, TK Capital, LLC, an investment firm based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, became the controlling shareholder.

Realizing the importance of the Sellers name and the companies core competency, we changed our name back to Sellers effective September 1,2014 to identify who we are and to diversify our product offering.

TK Capital was founded in 2009 for the purpose of making direct and controlling investments in lower middle market manufacturing firms for the long term.

Sellers is well known throughout the world as offering the highest quality equipment with unrivaled:

Reliability | Efficiency | Ease of Maintenance | Durability | Cost Effectiveness
Our list of customers include such well-known firms as Monsanto Chemical, John Deere, and United States Steel as well as numerous schools, hotels and hospitals.
Sellers is well regarded as a single source engineering and manufacturer capable of providing a wide variety of products.